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Hey, I’m Kayla

Lifestyle portrait, brand photographer, and all-around creative based in Maryland + DC!


No stranger to photography, I grabbed my camera towards the end of 2020, hoping to break free from a creative block. Little did I know, each session would ignite my ever-growing passion for photography!

I absolutely adore hearing stories of how you and your partner first crossed paths, discovering the "why" that drives you as an entrepreneur, witnessing the vibrant dynamic (or absolute chaos!) of your family for a day. Most of all, I absolutely enjoy capturing those real, authentic, unscripted moments, and smiling ear to ear during my editing process. It gets me every time.

I'm a wife to a DJ'ing herbalist, and a mama to our beautiful baby girl. If you're curious of my big three, its Leo sun, Gemini moon, and Virgo rising.

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