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Supporting the voices of passionate small business owners and personal brands through authentic brand photography. 


Coming from an art direction + design background, – and having touched well over 30 brands of all variety – believe me when I say brand photography is an extreme asset to your business and/or brand!


Not only will you get a suite of images that show your best side (because I’ll always sneak those in), but most importantly a collection of portraits that visually supports your content and brand story and explains to your audience why they should engage and build a connection with YOU.

I’ve honestly loved each brand session that I’ve had the opportunity to photograph! It’s something about watching you get lost in your craft and process that that truly inspires me.


So whether you are launching or updating your website, looking for a way to spruce up your marketing collateral, working on a product launch, or seeking images that uniquely share your story, brand photography is for you!


Capturing quality content that truthfully represents you and your brands values…


brand + content package

Ideal for business owners and entrepreneurs who are looking to show off their brand charm and offerings. This session is good for capturing images for marketing collateral, website content, and social content like product launches and promotions.

Up to 4 Hour Session

Unlimited Looks/Locations (Within Limit)

Brand Planning Guide

Creative Concept + Styling

Detailed Shot List

Gallery of Edited, High-Resolution Portraits

10 Retouched Portraits of Your Choice

Brand Application + Photo Use Training


a peek in the process

During your consultation call, we will discuss your brand history in detail, review any existing content or marketing materials, discover the purpose and primary use for your images, then brainstorm locations, props and more that would best help communicate your story. 


Together, we will create authentic, personalized content with a mix of behind the scene shots, portraits, details shots, and lifestyle-focused moments. 


Looking for new brand partnerships!

Concepting portraits that are authentic and accurately represent your brand voice, values, and initiatives.

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